Common Methods to Control Indoor Air Pollution

Common Methods to Control Indoor Air Pollution The three main methods to control indoor air pollution include eliminating the source of the pollution or decreasing emissions, increasing ventilation in the home, or utilizing some form of air cleaning, usually with an air purifier of some sort. This article will focus Continue Reading

Natural Pest Control for Your Home

Natural Pest Control for Your Home Unwanted pests of all types find their way into our homes all the time. Most folks just reach for the old spray can full of pesticide without even giving it a second thought. They don’t realize that, when they do this, they are putting Continue Reading

Is My Laundry Detergent Making Me Sick?

Is my laundry detergent making me sick? Everyone enjoys that fresh clean smell of clean clothes just out of the dryer. And, who doesn’t enjoy slipping into a bed made up with freshly laundered sheets? That smell of freshness didn’t get there by accident. Detergent manufacturers use all sorts of Continue Reading

Cooking Can Bake Indoor Air Quality

Cooking is bad for indoor air quality. So, you burnt your morning toast and it’s 2 hours later and you can still smell it. Now you are wondering just what could be lingering around in your air and just how healthy or unhealthy it is for you and your family Continue Reading