Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito Trap Review

Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito Trap Review

Does This UV Light Mosquito Trap Work?

After having used the Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito Trap for the last 2 months, we have some interesting results we will share in this product review. Does this unit trap flying insects? Yes, with this caveat. We found that, while it is very capable of trapping some flying insects, we found that it does not seem to be very efficient at collecting the
pesky mosquito.

The Toloco Zap T360 Pro mosquito trap is advertised to attract gnats, moths, mosquitos, and other flying insects by using a UV light.

The method by which this unit works is that the light is supposed to attract the insects and, as they get closer, a fan sucks them into the unit where they are trapped on a sticky glue board laying in the bottom of the unit.

Living on the Texas Gulf coast, our home sits right in the middle of mosquito heaven and no matter how hard we try, we cannot keep them out of our home. These pests find their way into our home rather easily by coming in through the often-used patio doors or through other doorways of our home.

Not wanting to introduce toxic pesticides into our home, we searched for methods to control these biting little buggers using a pesticide-free method.

See our post here for more ideas to control pests in your home the all-natural way.

Our unit arrived a couple of months ago. Right off the bat I had my concerns. I was not too enthusiastic as to its bug catching capabilities when I read box and found out that we had purchased a Mosquite Trap?!? (see picture above).

Yes, the box actually says, MOSQUITE trap! Reading through the brief instructions, more gems of the unmastered English language emerged such as “The indicate light of catching will turn on and device start working”and “avoid being too close to the device where the light will aluminate your skin.”

Now, I’m really not concerned with the poor English that was
used, my concern was whether or not I had a device that would keep mosquitos from biting me in my home. But I have to say, the poorly written documentation did not instill any confidence that the Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito trap was
going to be effective at trapping mosquitos.

First Test of the Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap

I decided to see just what this little device could do. It
was a calm evening, so I put it out on our back porch and let it run for the night. The picture below shows just what we “caught” in our trap.

As you can see, there were quite a few insects trapped on the glue paper. I examined this array of dead and dying insects, I counted only about four or five mosquitos and a few more that might have possibly been small mosquitos but I really just could not tell.

Now, any device that purports to be a mosquito trap left out during a warm summer evening here on the coast should do better than that, in my opinion. I probably got bit more times than that just setting this thing up on the porch to run for the night.

Needless to say, I was not impressed after this first experiment.

Now, I must issue one caveat relating to this first
experiment, the manual does say that the device should be used in a closed room with no direct airflow. Although it was a relatively calm night, no doubt, there was probably some air movement around the device through the evening.

Indoor Tests – Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap

For our first test indoors, we placed the unit in the bedroom in the corner and let it run. The unit is not silent to be sure. It probably would not bother most folks, but if you are a light sleeper or sensitive to noise, the bedroom is probably not the place you want to use the Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap.Toloco Mosquito trap light at night

Also, as you can see from the picture here, the light is
fairly bright in a dark room. This could bother some folks as well.

For those of you that are sensitive to costs, I checked the electricity usage and my Killowatt meter suggests a yearly cost of about $3.53. This is less than a penny a day so it uses very little actual power.

First Indoor Tests of the Mosquito Trap

After 24 hours of non-stop running, we checked the glue pad to see if we managed to nab any mosquitos. As you can see from the pic below, we caught a moth and a couple of tiny gnats but no mosquitos.toloco t360 pro traps flying insects


Extended Tests of the T360 Pro Mosquito Trap

I again left the trap running for another 24 hours and still no mosquitos. As a matter of fact, it was nine days before I had caught my first mosquito from inside our home with the Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito Trap.

Now, we did collect several more moths, gnats, and fruit flies during this time. As a matter of fact, it was much more that I really expected, a real eye-opener if you will.

So, we ran the unit continuously for the next 60 days, checking every so often to see how the trap was working. I believe my total catch of mosquitos during this entire test period was a grand total of four.

The most disturbing results were those numbers of other flying insect that were caught. We really had no idea there were that many insects in our home because we rarely saw any flying around.

The concerning part of this whole experiment was that we continued to be bitten by mosquitos in our home the whole time this unit was working.

sticky pad in the Toloco Zap T360 Pro Mosquito Trap

Conclusion – Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap – Our Opinion

Does the Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap work for mosquitos? I have to say, not very well. Does if work for other pests like gnats, fruit flies, and moths? Definitely. Does it work for larger flies? Not as far as we can tell.

We caught no common house flies at all. I suspect the airflow is not nearly enough to pull them into the unit to be caught and I am really not too sure if the light attracts them or not.

We paid $49.99 for our unit. For my needs, I don’t feel like I really go my money’s worth out of the Toloco Zap T360 Mosquito Trap. If you are looking for a solution to mosquitos in your home, I would suggest looking at a different product, however, if fruit flies, moths, or gnats are your problem, this unit will work just fine in my opinion.

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